Unlike any other drug and drug product suppliers/traders , CRMO provides many value added services once the manufacture is qualified , Technology is transferred where applicable , product(s) approved after validation batches and scale up completed. CRMO visits manufacturing site at regular intervals and keeps vigilant watch on behalf of client companies .

CRMO ensures that

  • The Manufacturing process is followed with out any deviation
  • cGMP is not compromised at any point in time .
  • Product release is as per approved specifications and using validated MoA
  • product quality form all batches is thoroughly checked before each consignment is shipped
  • any grievances or complaints from the Buyers are promptly attended and proper investigations are carried out.
  • Production planning and Raw material inventory planning at the manufacturing site is constantly monitored to ensure timely deliveries.
  • Any technical assistance needed for improving process efficiency , yield improvement, throughput enhancement, energy cost saving , etc is provided and changes are made effective only through Change control procedures.
  • Periodic review of documentation is carried
  • During regulatory and customer audits necessary support is provided.
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