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Quality of manufacturing process or a product is the most sensitive part of the pharmaceutical industry and no prudent & growing company can afford to over look it. Hence, to achieve GMP compliance and other RA has become mandatory for companies; willing to trade in the international market.

CRMO offers unmatched services related to GMP; addressing both the ends of the industry – multinational buyers and contract manufacturers from developing countries.

cGMP Audit Services

Some reasons, you should choose CRMO

CRMO offers following GMP Audit & Compliance Services

Introducing Remote cGMP Audits & Compliance Services

When in-person cGMP auditing and maintaining compliance is not an option, Remote GMP Audit is the only Option which is a secure, cost-effective, and easy solution to perform audits remotely. To ensure a smooth transition from on-site audit to virtual/remote inspection/audit during the current pandemic, CRMO offers Remote Audit services to Pharma Industry.

CRMO has been appointed by number of international and domestic companies as cGMP auditors to monitor cGMP compliance at their suppliers manufacturing sites. CRMO also welcomes the companies; wanting to achieve cGMP. The services include of range of audits, thorough implementation of cGMP, Documentation and and pre/post audit compliance support. Our team of experts at CRMO prepares the manufacturers to fare well during Regulatory inspections.

Advantages of GMP Remote Audit and Compliance

  • Decreased travel time and costs

  • Similar “total” time as a traditional inspection

  • Provides a chance to meet prior to the inspection

  • Option for non-consecutive inspection days

  • Inspectors can “work on their own time” to review documents outside the inspection

  • Typically stays on task and schedule

  • Increased verbal communication between site and inspectors

  • Remote inspection can occur in all GMP spaces

  • Increased possibilities of Business continuity and expansion

  • Check preparedness before Regulatory and /or customer audits

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