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With the global meltdown in profits, many international pharma companies are moving towards cost containment through acquisitions, mergers and collaborations.

As globalization and outsourcing increase, developing and transnational economies have new opportunities to provide these companies with critical services, such as extended manufacturing and R&D support bases on very cost-effective and reasonable terms without having their own infrastructure to be set up from scratch.

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Lean & thin companies who are sharply focused on their core business have started looking for outsourcing an increasing number of non-core functions. This trend alone increases the range of services that external consultants are providing to companies in the industry.

The Indian pharmaceutical industry has emerged as a formidable player in the API and key intermediates market. India is now becoming a sourcing base for European and US generic companies. India offers a strong manufacturing base at competitive costs, supported by a well-developed engineering base and an abundance of scientific talent. The Indian pharmaceutical industry comprises many small to medium-sized enterprises which have their own advantages and disadvantages.

CRMO can help you as an outsourcing solution provider, in all or any of the following:

At CRMO, we are looking for to associate with the companies who have expertise in large scale production of niche technologies and can offer active partnering for custom manufacturing projects for international companies. If you are interested and willing to collaborate with us, please click here to access our supplier section.

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